From Candidate to NonVoter

The title will probably be true. I might not vote.

I feel bad for not voting early, but I couldn’t find the motivation to vote for either candidate. The choice isn’t hard. It’s Jesse or Ricky. Let me take you through some of my thoughts and maybe that will shed some light on my apathy.

First, they’re both realtors, which isn’t a bad thing usually. It is for a job in public service because I’m very cynical. I’m afraid they’ll propose and vote on some public works project and use imminent domain to buy land for the project and it’ll just so happen that they’ll own the land and make a profit. So there is that distrust of both candidates.

Second, Ricky knows Nancy, and I think it was Nancy who convinces Ricky to run. And, I have a hunch he took my signs down at the early voting locations last election. Also, he didn’t come to my house to campaign. He came to my neighbor’s house but not mine. And come on, I had a me sign. I was obviously going to vote.

Second (continued), Jesse didn’t graduate from high school. Although, that is leveraged against all his experience realtoring. At this point in time, that’s way more relevant than a high school diploma.

Well that’s pretty much it. I don’t see many positives for each candidate. Sure Jesse is Hispanic, but it looks like that’ll end up being the only reason to vote for him. Is that right? Do I want to be that person? It’s either be that person, or vote for Ricky, or be a non-voter. All three are pretty shitty choices.  It’s quite a way away from being a candidate.

Convictions are more dangerous enemies of truth than lies. -Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, philosopher (1844-1900)


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