California: Take Four

This was the 4th year in a row that I’ve gone to California during the summer.

The first time I went, 3 years ago, it was on a road trip with my two best friends. The Camaro exploded and it has never been the same since. Two years ago I was living in Orange County and I drove back all by myself. Last year I drove back with my cousin and visited Orange County to stroll down memory lane. This year was, well, it was the following.

I left Friday afternoon with my friend. After an entire afternoon/night of driving, we arrived Saturday around 11am. We went to In N Out and then to see The Heat. Then we checked in to the hotel and went to dinner. Sunday was more In N Out, Superman, and the Confederations Cup final. Then I went jogging and to dinner again. Monday was pancakes at The Pantry, then the Channel Islands beach, and World War Z. Tuesday was In N Out, oh crap, I’ve forgotten. Well I know it ended with a very awkward life changing dinner. Wednesday was another In N Out and a drive to Las Vegas. Then an expensive dinner and no gambling because card games were $15 a hand. It was too fucking hot there, not worth it. Thursday was hilarious. I had a final In N Out in Arizona and drove, drove, drove. I saw fireworks at night, since it was the 4th of July, in Albuquerque, and then in the town of Moriarty. Hilarious thing happened, I stopped at McDonald’s to see the fireworks and I almost died choking on a fire. Friday I got home.

Well that’s what happened. For the most part it was super relaxing. I can tell because I forgot how to sign in at work and I forgot the family in which my client is.

There were a lot of great parts, all the In N Outs, the scenic views at the beach, and driving through Arizona and New Mexico. The Texas view is not so great. The best part was probably seeing how things have change through the years. The changes have been crazy and I still can’t believe it some times.

I’m thinking next time I’ll go by myself. Wait, if I get a promotion next year, the company will send me to Beverly Hills for training. I guess I can go by myself.

An honest man is a free man. – BM


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