Eye-Dentity Crisis

I couldn’t wear my contacts today.

The right contact has been too blurry. I think I might have damaged it. I’ve put it on the past 2 days and that contact has been giving me a weird 3D vision thing. Yes, I know life is in 3D. I’ve had incorrect 3D the last few days.

Anyway, nothing gives me an identity crisis like a haircut or having to wear my glasses.

oh, also, today was my mom’s birthday.

second oh, the quote below has been in my email for a while. I’d have to say I believe it because my parents don’t seem to like each other. They only agree when they’re disagreeing with us kiddos.

I begin to see what marriage is for. It’s to keep people away from each other. Sometimes I think that two people who love each other can be saved from madness only by the things that come between them: children, duties, visits, bores, relations, the things that protect married people from each other. -Edith Wharton, novelist (1862-1937)


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