House of Cards

I finished watching House of Cards today.

I like TV. I watch a lot of it. Some of the shows I watch are good but they don’t leave a memorable impression. Less than half the time is a show memorable. House of Cards was one of those memorable shows. It’s going to join the ranks of New Girl, Boy Meets World, Breaking Bad, and Mad Men. While I might not remember the individual episodes, like I do with the half hour shows, I remember the course of events.

Also, I’ll never forget one line. It was: Everything is about sex, except sex. Sex is about power.

I don’t really talk about sexuality with other people, but I’m assuming men think about sex very often. I know in my case, most of the time I can recognize what triggered a sexual thought even if I can’t control my mind moving in that direction. It astounds me how my mind can turn most things into a sexual thought.

That said, my mind definitely associates sex with power.

well that’s it. I can’t wait for the second season of House of Cards.

Happiness in intelligent people is the rarest thing I know. -Ernest Hemingway, author and journalist, Nobel laureate (1899-1961)


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