Come on Fall

I know it’s only mid August but I’m finally looking forward to fall.

I want football season to start, and I want futbol season to start. I don’t want it to be 100 degrees anymore. I don’t want it to be so damn sunny outside.

I’m not looking forward to my birthday. There is no other day on the calendar that makes me feel like I’ve wasted my life, that time is running out, and that I’m not happy. Some birthdays I make it to the other side and the last year doesn’t seem like a waste. It seems like I’ve done good and I find happiness in that. Either way, it’s a ride I don’t enjoy taking.

It seems like I have depressed myself. That’s too harsh. I’ve bummed myself out.

Alright, new topic. TV. I’m watching The Walking Dead and it’s not so bad. I like that the kid, Carol got shot. I also like that the other little girl, Sophie, got lost. Kids would be the most vulnerable. I’m still sticking to my original theory that life would be better in the city. Life there wouldn’t be so bad. You would just have to cover the outside walls of wherever you’re living in zombie guts. That would keep them away and you could have a safe-ish life.

oh! I would be mighty tempted to try to get the Internet back online. Also, I wouldn’t stay in Texas. I would definitely leave to California, at least the weather would be nice.

I’ve been feeling like such a fatty lately. I think I’m going to skip all the soda this week, except if I go to the movies. Fuck no, I’m not eating a salad. That’s for sure.

I don’t like this Lori character. She seems like a bad wife and a bad person. Rick is too good for her. Although, he is no Malcolm from Firefly. Shane is alright too, but he’s no Heisenberg.

Alright, not sad anymore. I’m going to watch one more episode and go to sleep.

Lower your voice and strengthen your argument. -Lebanese proverb


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