The Futurama Finale

Futurama is over.

I loved the ending. Spoiler Alert, the episode ends by going back to the beginning of the episode, which I really enjoyed. Futurama is such a great show. There are so many good episodes, like the war on the bouncy ball planet, Bender’s big score, when bender wants to be a chef, when Fry gets the Robot Devil’s hands, and how about the 7 leaf clover episode.

Futurama is such a smart show. It had some tricky episodes too. It really taught me that things aren’t what they seem. Also, that everything will be alright somehow. It definitely made me more optimistic.

Unfortunately, I didn’t have a good quote for this post. Nothing that is relevant to seeing off a good friend.

Farewell to Futurama.
Seriously, it’s Breaking Bad good.

I’ll drink to it tomorrow.

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