Book to DC/NYC

I need to book our hotels for DC/NYC.

I’m actually trying to avoid looking at my credit card balance. I paid off most of the card, but then I charged a room in Austin, a bunch of food, and about $150 bucks of stuff from Target. It’s not going to be pretty. Damn, I don’t get paid for another week and that money should go to my student loan payments anyway.

Man, some times I really wonder what I would have done with all the money I’ve paid to the stupid student loans. A 7.8% graduate loan seems horribly unfair. I won’t be giving any alumni donations to universities. Probably ever. They have enough money.

Well, it was the first Sunday of the NFL season. It was pretty awesome. I enjoyed myself. The match ups weren’t the best, but it was a good start.

oh, right. I went to Austin this weekend and had some delicious food. Burritos, BBQ, pizza and more BBQ. I can’t wait until Thanksgiving, so I can go get more of that delicious turkey. The burritos and pizza are going to be a tougher get.

Man, I better go to sleep soon. I want to get to work early and leave early so I can get a good jog in before the games.

A quiet conscience sleeps in thunder. -English proverb


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