Between Ordinary and Extraordinary

This moment is special.

I just finished talking to an old friend. I was really nervous. Who wouldn’t be nervous the first time they talk to someone they haven’t seen in ages? I was nervous because I didn’t know the outcome of the conversation. Really, I was afraid things would somehow go badly or that person wouldn’t be who I used to know. I was scared of the future.

Now that I’m done talking, I’m thinking about the future and I see two destinations. Both are good places. They both seem so clear. They are both equally possible. One is more probable, because I don’t need to do anything to get there. It’ll happen if I do nothing. It’s not bad, but it’s ordinary, and easy to achieve.

The other destination is less probable because it requires work. It takes other things to line up to achieve. But it’s way better. It’s extraordinary. It’s something I won’t regret doing. It’s something I’ll regret not doing.

I don’t know where I’ll end up, but this time I’m not afraid. I’m excited for the future.

Like most situations, the main thing in my way is my fear.

It’s time like these that I think back to times I’ve overcome fear, to gain some courage. I think of all those internships I’ve had, all those interviews I’ve done, and all the times I’ve stayed up driving all night. I think about applying to SMU. I think about running for office. I think about running those 7 miles. I think about, me.

Everyday is a choice between fear and hope.

Everyday we wake up with the option of being ordinary or being extraordinary.

It’s not easy to see, but everyday is special.


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