The Perfect Set-Up

There’s only one more new episode of Breaking Bad.

The penultimate episode ended in a perfect way. Walt is now broken! Well he is almost broken. He could still show signs of Walt in the last episode, but as of right now, he is Heisenberg. It was a perfect ending.


I had a decent weekend.

The softball game was cancelled so I had Saturday free. I watched some TV. I ended up going to Whataburger for lunch. Then I cleaned my room and stuff. I went to play some pool. Then cleaned out the Camaro. Pops says it’s ready to go. It just needs to get registered and some insurance. Then I went to the park and ran a nice 3 miles. Then I finished up my roast. Someone Google, “The Roast of Sonia and Luis.”

Today, I had a bunch of coffee. Then I watched the horrible Manchester United vs Manchester City game. It was awful. Let’s not talk about it. Then I cleaned up the garage a bit. I edited the roast and went to McDonalds. I took a nap. Then my cousins came over and we played some pool while I finally drank some beer. Then I watched Breaking Bad.

You never really understand a person until you consider things from his point of view. -Harper Lee, writer (b. 1926)


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