Carnival Football Weekend

Saturday was rainy day. It was the semi-annual carnival and we were in charge of a carnival game. We set up our marbles game and operated that bad boy for a good 5 hours. We gave out prizes and such. It was a good time. I got wet and I’m hoping I don’t get sick.

Today was slower than yesterday. I woke up and watched the Sunday morning news shows. Then the family talked and talked and talked. We came up with a plan and then broke. I was to shower and get lunch. Mom would clean. Pops was going to Home Depot for supplies. The plan worked like a charm. We all finished around 1pm and had lunch. Then we were to build a shelf for the garage. After that, we moved some stuff around and organized that bad boy. It’s looking. It could use a paint job though. I’ll keep that in mind this week.

I watched the end of Breaking Bad tonight. I’ll need some time to process, probably a day or two, but it’s not looking great. It was a decent finale. It had closure and all that, Jesse killing Todd was wonderful. But I didn’t feel anything throughout the episode and there’s no memorable Walt moment.

But I don’t know. Maybe I’ll feel different in a day or two.


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