USA Saves Mexico

oh man, did you see those games? of course you did future me. I can attest to it.

Anyway, ahhhh, it was so exciting and sad and embarrassing and exciting again. Mexico goes to the elimination games against New Zealand, even after losing, because the USA beat Panama 3-1 in extra time. Poor Mexico couldn’t even get a tie! At least they still get the opportunity to qualify, but unfortunately the USA can’t bail them out of that one if Mexico plays badly.

Once it looked like Mexico wasn’t going to tie, I jumped on the computer to find the USA vs Panama game. It seemed way more likely that the USA would score and tie in their game than Mexico would tie. It was amazing. The USA scored around the 91st minute. Panama couldn’t believe it. I half believed it. Then a minute later the US sealed the deal with another goal. Mexico stayed alive by default. I thought I was dreaming, and I was confused. Mexico was alive, but they sucked.

Poor Panama. The US had stolen their opportunity to qualify for their 1st World Cup.

Pobre Mexico. Tan lejos de Dios y tan cerca de los Estados Unidos.


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