Driving Stick

It shouldn’t have been that hard.

Man, I almost had a feeling of dread this week when I thought about driving my Camaro. I knew I needed to practice driving stick and specifically driving the Camaro. I knew the possibility existed that if I went out to traffic too soon, before I was ready, I ran the risk of being in a dangerous situation.

So I drove the Camaro around the block a few times. I found a good stretch of road that had about 4 stops within a quarter mile. I believe the car turned off on me 7 times. Once I made it through the stops without any stalls, I made my way to the Chevy dealership to pick up my trunk mat. Then I went to the Whataburger for lunch.

I was so nervous about driving back that I had only had about 5 bites of the burger. It was the most nervous moment in my recent memory. I don’t remember being that nervous during the campaign, or during school, or doing anything.

I did make it back to the house. The car didn’t turn off on me.

I was going to make this a big thing about getting over fears, but I’m tired. So let me sum up. Fear good/bad. Courage to overcome fears is good. I don’t want to live in fear.

One other thing, I am proud of myself for not recently pulling at my eyebrows. I usually do that when I’m nervous and I haven’t done it since I bought the car. Although, I was having nervous dreams about buying the car, but that shouldn’t be an issue any more. Something that has become an issue is my lower back. I have a feeling all the stress is causing my adrenal glands, which are located above your kidneys, to pump too much adrenaline into my blood and that’s giving me lower back pain. I hope it goes away.

Anyway, yes. Sleepy time. Thank God for the extra hour of sleep.

You can never understand one language until you understand at least two. -Ronald Searle, artist (1920-2011)


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