Finding Peace

Grandpa died last Wednesday.

I can’t say I’m sad, but I am relieved. Finally his suffering ended. I hope he finds peace. Now we can move on. At least I can. And! I have a new life goal, which is to never be like him.

On the flip side, Nelson Mandela died on Thursday. There’s a man who inspires.


Man, this ice storm wasn’t that bad. I went out yesterday and today. The streets were pretty good. The last ice storm that hit three years ago was bad. There was solid ice on the streets. No solid ice on the streets this time.

It was a good Saturday though, even though Manchester United lost. Saturday morning cartoons were good. Lunch was delicious. Buying groceries was ok. The kitten fucked up my pants. Then I took a quick nap. Then I worked for about 2 hours and made dinner. It wasn’t that great. Now I’m here watching Bob’s Burgers.

oh! I watched Bad Lieutenant. That was a great movie. It was up there with There Will Be Blood. Anyway, I really connected with the movie and the main character. Even though the main character was shooting up drugs, gambling, and drunk driving, I related to his struggles. He had modern-day struggles. Wait, no. He had self-imposed struggles. He was struggling with his inner demons. Just like me.

If you want to make peace with your enemy, you have to work with your enemy. Then he becomes your partner. -Nelson Mandela, activist, South African president, Nobel Peace Prize (1918-2013)


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