Sunday no FunDay

I don’t feel rested.

Today was not a relaxing day. I felt like there was so much to do. I had to buy things for the cat. I had to eat food, like twice. I had to do laundry. I had to pack. I still haven’t packed actually. oh! I had to get a haircut. I felt all over the place.

There’s so much to do at work too. Man, then busy season starts in like a month. I’ll have to work a ton of hours now. There’s also an inventory count to do on New Year’s Eve.

Too much stress. Maybe that’s it. The icy roads don’t help either. I’m no afraid of driving, but you have to pay so much more attention when driving. The constant state of alertness is stressful.

There is no new Walking Dead tonight. That sucks, but on the plus side, I can go to sleep early today.

Words are a mirror of their times. By looking at the areas in which the vocabulary of a language is expanding fastest in a given period, we can form a fairly accurate impression of the chief preoccupations of society at that time and the points at which the boundaries of human endeavour are being advanced. -John Ayto, lexicographer (b. 1949)


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