Buying Shoes

The craziest thing happened to me when I was buying some jogging shoes.

First, some back story. I forgot to pack a bag for my Houston trip. That bag had my converse, jogging shoes, a jacket, my phone charger, and my computer charger. I want to jog tomorrow so I went to go buy jogging shoes at the Academy across the freeway.

I’m trying on shoes and they feel a little tight on the sides. I’m walking around a bit when a guy says they look nice. This whole thing is in Spanish by the way. I say yeah but they feel kinda right. He says they usually feel that way but loosen up after a while. He’s wearing Nikes too. I say yea I thought so.

His wife calls him so he leaves. I pack up the shoes. I’m going to buy them. On the way out I say, hey thanks for the advice. He says no problem, take care.

It was a genuinely nice moment.

Second thing I realized on this little trip. This will be the first time I have two nice pairs of jogging shoes. I usually only have one nice pair and a really shitty pair. That’s what happens when you’re poor. Now that I have some money I can do a little more and that’s nice. It’s a less stressful life.

A ship in port is safe; but that is not what ships are built for. -Grace Hopper, computer scientist and US Navy Rear Admiral (1906-1992)

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