The Adventure Begins

I woke up to a flat tire on Saturday.

I was too lazy to fix it then and decided to fix it today. It was cold on Saturday. I think that was my reasoning.

It was weird fixing the new car. I didn’t expect to have to do anything to it anytime soon. It has less than a 1000 miles. So I opened the trunk and got the spare tire and jack. I found out that the battery is kept in the trunk and not in the engine compartment. Weird right?

It didn’t take too long. It was just strange to move on and fix something else. The strangest part is that I know other things are going to break and I’m going to fix it. I want to say that fixing the old Camaro will help in the future, but I’m sure what ever will break will be different and will throw me for a loop.

I went to the park after for a jog. Then I washed the car. There was so much dirt on it from the ice age. I cleaned it all off. Thing fell apart after that.

I couldn’t fix the macbook because it has stupid 6 star and Y screws. I’ll have to buy those screwdrivers tomorrow. I need to exchange some shoes too. I’m sure there’s something else I have to do. I’ll remember later. Also, the stupid Cowboys lost. I’m sure they’ll win next week. The universe likes to jerk me along until the last game of the season for the Cowboys to be out of the playoffs.

Man, I need to go to sleep soon. I want to get to work early tomorrow, but I also want to read this book. I think I’ll do that.

The luck of having talent is not enough; one must also have a talent for luck. -Hector Berlioz, composer (1803-1869)


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