First Sickness of the Year

What a crazy week.

I think I started getting a cold last Sunday. I woke up and was feeling pretty crummy, I took a bit of NyQuil and made it through the day. Well Monday through Wednesday I was feeling the same and popping pills so I could make it through the day at work. I was feeling crummy, but not too bad.

Things got crazy on Thursday. Thursday I felt well so I didn’t take any pills. Actually, there was a company happy hour later that day and I didn’t want to mix pills with alcohol. That was also a reason I didn’t take any pills. So I get to the happy hour and I had about 3 drinks in 4 hours. Nothing crazy, or out of the ordinary really. Well those drinks hit me really hard. I made it home and felt awful. Friday I woke up feeling like death. I had a headache, fever, body aches, and nausea.

I’m pretty sure it was the flu. My parents had the flu all week, and I thought I had got it earlier in the week, but maybe I didn’t get it until that Friday. Maybe I had a cold, and then got the flu too? Maybe the alcohol weakened my immune system and helped the flu get me? I don’t know, but I called in sick to work and slept the entire day, with the exception of one hour when I ate. It was insane. Saturday I was feeling bad too. Slept most of the day. Today I’m feeling way better and that’s because the headache has finally gone away. Hope I don’t jinx it.

What a ridiculous week. Good news, kinda. Busy season has started. I don’t feel as nervous this year. It’s probably because I mostly know what I’m doing. It’s like I was saying with a co-worker, I’m not afraid of the known things. I’m afraid of the unknowns, but even then, I’m pretty sure I can deal with whatever comes up. Worst case scenario, I’ll ask for help.

I’m ready for this long week.


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