A Month In

It’s been a month since busy started.

I’m tired, but not so tired that it’s affecting my mood or work. I’m just a bit tired. It almost gets to a point where I want to complain, but everything I start thinking that way I remember that my dad’s been working for like 40 years. Doing all kinds of stuff and always physical labor. I think shouldn’t complain about being in an office all day.

Well, I have another solid two months. Then about another month of 45ish hour weeks.

It’s crazy to think about where I’ll be after those two months. I should have World Cup tickets by then, either by the random draw or resale. My student loans should be under 40k. I’ll have changed the Camaro’s oil for the first time. I should be sitting on some $$ from all the overtime pay.

Although, I could also be dead, in which case, please cremate me and do something with the ashes. Something not stupid.

A year ago I was running a campaign, I think it was around this time. Man, that was so long ago.

oh, the craziest thing happened last night while I was driving to buy new shoes. I had just turned into a busy street and I was stopped at the light when the passenger in the car next to me asked be for directions. At first I was surprised because it was a couple of black guys, but then I realized the crazy part was that I was asked for directions. No one asks for directions here. Also, these days when I’m working the entire day and hardly have any interactions with non-work people, I hardly see anybody. I’ll have to wait until busy season is over to have more human interaction.

Alright, it’s Walking Dead time.

Also, I finished the first season of the Legend of Korra. It was amazing. But, it was self contained, so I don’t know if I want to watch the second season. What if it sucks? Should I risk it?


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