No Cake Again

Last April, May, or June, I don’t really remember when it was, we were called into the break room at work.

I was expecting cake or cookies or something. Instead we got news of a mass layoff. It was about 10% of the work force nationwide. In the Dallas office, there were only 2 lay offs and we were told they were performance related, but we later found out they weren’t.

Today we were called into the break room to address rumors of an acquisition by KPMG. The partner in charge of the office said there have been talks but nothing was certain. He wouldn’t give a likelihood of acquisition percentage either way.

I found out about the rumors before the meeting. I found out around 9am. This is the thought progressed through my head all day. First, I was disappointed/worried because I like RK. I like the mid-market scene. We do things our own way. We get over-time. We have 37.5 hour weeks during the summer. We have fun. We have a great culture. All that will go away. No matter how much people think it won’t, it’s a merge, the culture will change. The culture is pretty great at RK. I’d rather not risk a culture change. It could be better, but it probably won’t.

That feeling last a while. Actually, I started to ignore that feeling and better I could move on to another feeling the meeting happened. The meeting ran kinda long and after the partner in charge didn’t say that the rumors were untrue, and they were actually a possibility, I started reflecting.

The next feeling was definitely acceptance. Maybe KPMG won’t be that bad. Looks of opportunities and that. Besides, if KPMG was looking for a foot in the financial services market and in our area, what good would it do to fire everyone and damage client relations? It’d probably be ok. Besides, I’m sure most of the people would stay for a while. After giving it a shot, if I didn’t like it, i.e. too much work and not enough balance, I would quit.

Then my mind started drifting. Man, if I quit, or got fired, I could move. I could finally go to California. Maybe I could find a sweet job with the IRS. I’d have easy hours, great benefits, and a good life. Or I could get more creative and get my Master’s/PHD in History. Then I could be a professor and write books. Change can be really good.

Then I thought, where is the cake?

That’s what happened today. At least I got a lot of work done before the mind ran wild. In conclusion, I’d rather stay at RK. I’d try KPMG. If it’s too much of a change, then I’ll quit or let them fire me. The world is a big place. I’ll find my cake and eat it too.


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