Got Car Props

I was driving home from the park today, after my jog, and I got some props from a lady at the last stoplight before getting home.

She was driving a Challenger. She said nice car. I said you too. She asked if it was my first car. I said yes. She said it was her second. Someone wrecked her first. Then she drove off because the light had been green for a while.

It was nice.

Like I’ve said before, all the work has cut off my communication with other people. I liked connecting to this lady, who was so different from me. The only way this person could have been more different, was if she was a white woman.

Anyway, man the last couple of days have almost been miss. I’m tired, but that feeling to disconnection kinda went away. I haven’t felt like that in a while. Yea, I don’t know what else to say, other than it’s been nice.

Tomorrow is going to be a long day, but I can’t wait. I’m going to see throwing shade live! I’m super excited about that. Also, Saturday is my cousin’s birthday. That should be cool. Sunday is the Manchester United vs Liverpool game! Also exciting.

After all that, I’ll only be 6 weeks away from the end of busy season. That’s reason enough to be excited. I’m pumped. No Kansas trip for me, but I’m sure I’ll find something else to do. There’s still a ton to do.


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