No Music Today

I’ve had the worst last few days.

Let me clarify. They haven’t been bad days. But I’ve been feeling sad. I’m not sure why, but I do know what is contributing for it. For the longest time, so long that I can’t remember, I don’t have a song in my heart. And as a result, when nothing is happening there’s no, ahh what’s the word, like, overarching tune to pick me up.

Usually I like being alone with my thoughts, but these last few days I’ve been too alone with my thoughts. I guess that’s because work has finally slowed down, but it hasn’t slowed down enough for me to devote time to something else. Well I don’t know. It’s not so slow that I’m not thinking about work, at work. Man, then I don’t know.

Why is the music gone?

It’s not like I don’t music. I can still enjoy music. It’s just that music is not playing in my head anymore.

As I write this, there is no tune in my head and it’s depressing.

Chicken or egg. I don’t know.

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