The Carless Week

This week is tough.

I dropped the Camaro off to get repaired on Monday. They say I won’t get it back until Tuesday. I’ve been driving the truck. It’s made the drive to work and home boring. It only has two pedals! Boring. It’s not even fun like the old Camaro. That was a fun car.


I can’t wait for Tuesday.

Also, they say this is the last Saturday we’ll have to work, but I’ll believe it when I see it.

oh! I bought three new The Strokes shirts. I love them already. I’m well on my way to charging those 3k to the new credit card. Actually, one of the positive sides of the car accident is that I am $500 closer to the 3k. Also, the payment for the next 6-months of insurance is due soon. That’s another like $800 bucks.

Alright. I’m going to work early tomorrow. Good night.


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