RAWR Horror

I went so see a horror movie today.

It was Oculous. It wasn’t good. It wasn’t scary.

I don’t really watch scary movies. All the popular ones usually have too many of those jump scares, which I don’t like. Those scary movies that get into your head are the ones I like, but there are hardly any of those around.

That’s probably because of the economics of scary movies. Oculous, for example, cost $5 million to make and took in almost that same amount in the opening weekend. Everything it makes, from tickets, DVDs, etc., is pure profit. It makes sense to make bad horror movies. They pay.

Either way, This was one of those. It wasn’t a good one.

But I’m glad I went. Because scary movies aren’t my thing, I get scared easily. So on the rare occasion that I watch a scary movie, I don’t watch it in theaters. That’s an extra bad idea. It actually took some courage on my part to go and not freak out.

I figured, if my sister can get try driving stick, on my car, and get over here fears, then I can conquer some fears too. It was growing experience.

Although, nothing is scarier than real life.

The scariest thing in my life is the unknown future of the acquisition. What’s going to happen? I’m really starting to hope that I get fired and get a sweet severance package. Then I’d have the $ and no reason not to move.

All the acquisition talk reminds me of that episode of Friends where Rachel quits her job as a waitress to get the fear. The guys keep telling her what to do and she asks then why they don’t quit their jobs. They say they’re too afraid. I hope I’m not that afraid.


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