The Buddy Move

I helped a buddy from work move today.

We started around 3pm and didn’t finish until 9pm. We had to make three trips and purchase a box spring set. The last part was only because we broke the box spring set in the first trip. It was kinda fun,

I didn’t like all the college flashbacks I was getting. All the empty rooms. The dorm like apartments. Piling up stuff on the truck. I didn’t like it. Not that college was bad or anything, but it’s that fancy neighborhood feeling stuff. But anyway, I could personally be staring at that empty room soon. That was a little jarring.

The other day a co-worker and I were talking about housing. I told her our home values are really low. She said we should want our house to appreciate in  value. I asked why and she said so that we can sell our house. I said, but then where will we live?

Another co-worker and I were talking about where we would like to buy a house. I said I would buy a house in my neighborhood because they are really cheap and there’s hardly any traffic driving to downtown. She said that she  was looking for the same thing and would like to buy a house in South Dallas because it was safer than my area. I told her that I thought my area was safer. We agreed it was because we hadn’t spent enough time in each others area.

These are good people. I don’t know if I would call them all my friends, but I do know them. I see enough about them to know they are of good character.


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