Spiderman Did It

I saw The Amazing Spiderman 2 today.

It was fine. It was too long. It ending was drawn out and weird. Personally, I would have preferred if the movie ended with Gwen in mid-air. Everything after that would have made a great beginning of the next movie, which you know will be made, because you know $$. I heard it wasn’t very good, but like I said, it was fine.

That movie did leave me exhausted. I went through so many emotions, that it was physically exhausted. It was surprising. I had forgotten that movies were that effective.

Man, the day was depressing up until the Mavs win and when I started watching the Legend of Korra.

I saw that because early in the morning I chickened out on going to the eye doctor to get a check up and see if I can get corrective vision surgery. I wanted to go in before lunch, but then yea, I chickened out. It all got too real. The next step after that would have been to see a laser surgery person and then after that I would get it done. It all seemed too soon. I started freaking out. So I didn’t go.

Instead I made an appointment for Monday at 9am. I figured if I had an appointment, then I would be more likely to keep the date. I hope that’s the right course of action. The laser surgery is scary, but brief. I figure I need maybe a solid 15 to 30 minutes of courage, for years of contact free life. I need to have courage.

It was an exhausting day.


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