Jacked Up Day

What a weird day.

I woke up at 7:30am feeling ok. I had some orange juice and showered/shaved. I went to my eye appointment and started feeling crummy. Specifically, my throat and head started hurting. They both got worse as the day went on.  The eye appointment went well. The doctor said I was a good candidate for corrective vision surgery. He recommended a place. Then I went to Walgreens to get a passport photo. That trip was a failure because the Walgreen’s photo printer wasn’t working. I took a detour to Time Warner Cable and found out that I only have basic cable, although my bill says digital cable. Apparently HD boxes are $12 a month. That’s crazy. Then I went to Target for some NyQuil, because it was too expensive at Walgreens. Also, I needed a toothbrush. Then I went to the mall and bought some undershirts and ties.

Lunch was cool. I went to Cicis. It was surprisingly delicious. Then I went to pick up my dry cleaning and took a swing of my NyQuil. I went to another Walgreens for the passport photo and that was a failure too because there were so many people! I was supposed to go back, but I didn’t. The NyQuil hit me and I went to sleep from 12:30pm to 6:30pm.

I woke up and took more NyQuil. Then I ate and washed the Camaro! I’ll probably be dirty in the morning. That’s it. I watched TV, while I put up my dry cleaning, and read some stuff online and wrote this blog.

I feel like crap. I took more NyQuil. I need to sleep because I have to go to work tomorrow.


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