Another One Left

The lady who came over from the San Francisco office left today.

It was her last day. See got another job at some company across the street. My half cube is now empty and it looks really sad. It feels really sad. It sure will be quiet from now on. Maybe I should try to move to another empty cube. The there is a space in the other side of the cube with a window view.

I received my World Cup tickets today. They look pretty cool. This means I can hurry up and send in my Visa application. They wanted proof of tickets.

I finally called the corrective eye surgery people and they told me I would have to stop wearing my contacts for 2 weeks before I could go in for a consultation. We made an appointment for next, next Thursday the 29th. I guess that means today was the last day I will wear contacts for a long while. Dang, I thought it would be more ceremonious.

Also, now I’ll have to wear my glasses for the next 16 days. ugh, I don’t like wearing glasses. This is not going to be fun. I don’t have enough confidence to wear glasses.

I don’t remember if I’ve written about this yet, but I’m listening to the Nerdist podcast. I started from episode 1, and although I knew there was around 400 episodes, I didn’t think it would take too long (6 months) to listen to all of them. I might have been wrong. I’m only 70 episodes in about 2 months and I need 440 episodes.

Anyway, I only listened to one episode today, because it was about 2 hours long. The guest on the episode was talking about diets and healthy lifestyles, which is definitely not my thing, but I listened anyway. I always try to get some advice or a different life perspective out of every podcast. Today was no exception. That life lesson was change is hard. It doesn’t come without pain, but you’re more likely to continue with the change by beginning with small steps.

Taking those contacts off will be the first step.

I’ll have to get ideas for first steps for my empty cube.


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