Dallas Comic Con

Dallas Comic Con was last weekend.

I didn’t go the first day, Friday. I did go on Saturday and Sunday. Getting there and parking wasn’t too bad. Getting the passes was easy enough. The food wasn’t good, but didn’t taste bad. The wait for the food was awful. The hotel was nice enough.

What’s the best way to say this. It was a fun experience, but I don’t know if I had fun. I was really conflicted most of the time. I liked that all these people were gathered for the convention, but I didn’t like overhearing their conversations. Some of those people were annoying. I liked the panels, but I hated the waiting. I liked looking at all the merchandise, but I didn’t want to buy anything because most of it felt . . . fake. I liked the costumes.

The internal conflict wasn’t even the biggest issue. The biggest thing came during the Firefly panel. Those people at the panel LOVE Firefly. I like it a lot, but I do not feel as strongly about it as they do. I don’t think I love anything as much as those people love Firefly. The worst part was that my friend was freaking out about meeting the Firefly people at the photo-op and seeing them at the panel.

I don’t feel that strongly about them, or probably anything. Last time they even asked me over what I would get excited. I can’t think of anything. If I saw Darth Vader force choking people on the convention floor, I would not be as excited as they were. I wouldn’t be that excited even if I saw Jesus walking over water puddles in the restroom. Man, what’s wrong with me?

I think I’ll try it again next year. I would like to cosplay. I think I’ll cosplay as Rick, once I figure out how make a portal gun.


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