Graduation to KPMG

I could feel life moving in a different direction this weekend.

Thursday was the last day I wrote, I believe. That day I went to sleep only thinking about the upcoming LASIK surgery. Little did I know that the KPMG purchase of RK had been announced earlier that day while I was at the eye doctor. When I arrived at work Friday morning I saw all the emails.

There was a lot of acquisition activity on Friday. I didn’t get much work done. Friday was also another one of my co-worker’s last day. We went out to lunch. There was an impromptu happy hour but I didn’t go. The weight of the day finally got to me in the afternoon and I didn’t have the heart to go. Hopefully I’ll see him at the game on Wednesday. Also, I was pretty sure I would probably have a bit too much to drink and I would risk a hangover the next morning, at my sister’s graduation.

So yea, Saturday morning was my sister’s graduation. It was early in the morning, at least that’s the way it seemed. I needed up waking up later than I do for work. It took most of the morning. We went to eat at Steak N Shake after graduation. Then I went to Target to buy some stuff, mostly beers. Came home and watched the Mexico vs Ecuador game. I’m starting to get nervous about the trip. I need to do something about the VISA. oh man.

Anyway, the graduation party was at my house. It was fine. Food, music, and games happened. The craziest thing for me was with the after party type thing. My aunt was having a birthday/baptism party for her kids. It was supposed to start after the graduation party ended, which ended at 9pm. Earlier in the day, someone asked me if I was going to that party and I said no. They said but our cousins from California are there. I said something like, I don’t see them all year and I’m ok, so I’ll be ok without seeing them. But once the party was over, I felt like I had to go see them. So I did. I had to.

It’s been a heavy part couple of days, so I went to go see a comedy movie, A Million Ways to Die In The West. I needed a laugh. I took a solid nap after that and washed my car. It was a good day.

I’m not sure about this KPMG thing, but hey, I’ll give it a shot. Life moved. It might be for the best.


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