The Offers

Today was an interesting day at work.

On Monday we received a timeline of the KPMG acquisition events. There was a small meeting on Monday, that was on the schedule. Tuesday there was going to be an email on how to apply for the KPMG position, since we all had to technically apply for our jobs again. Wednesday we would be offer letters and then we would have 7 days to accept or reject. What actually happened on Tuesday was nothing. Then today, Wednesday, we received a phone call, an email, and another phone call to tell us our new compensation numbers.

The KPMG offer letters were insulting. All along, we had heard that the people at RK were the most important thing. We were the reason the company was being bought. We were talked up. We were told we would be better compensated than at RK. That’s one of the perks of the Big 4 right?

Well no.

Apparently not. My compensation offer was $2k less than my salary plus overtime. I know my overtime is front loaded. I know if I ignored it, then over the next three months I will make more with KPMG than I would have with RK. But that’s only for the 1st 3 months. After that, I should do the calculation over a year and I’m back to being paid $2k less than my current salary.

I suppose so of it is my fault. I was naive to think that KPMG really wanted RK for the people. What KPMG wanted was to remove the RK brand from the market and kill the competition. RK was the only non-Big 4 company in the alternative investment market. It was forcing KPMG into 5th place in that market. Now KPMG is guaranteed to be higher than 5th.

They weren’t buying us because we are great or anything. They were buying us to destroy us. With that said, why would they care about our compensation?

That being said. Today is really no surprise.

The rest of the week should be more productive. I’m going to get my VISA tomorrow and Friday is my LASIK surgery. Friday and Saturday are recovery days. Maybe I’ll do something cool on Sunday. Monday should be a cool day at work. I think I’ll take off the following Thursday and Friday too. It’s my sister’s orientation.

I think I’ll stay until I get promoted to senior associate in October. That way I can add KPMG senior to my resume and then I’ll quit. I think that might be my best option. We’ll see.


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