More Time Off

I forgot that I told my sister I would take her to orientation tomorrow.

She signed up for orientation back in April (March?). I was so busy at that time that I did not really register it. I figured, that I would figure it out later. Well now later has come and I forgot. I had to ask for more time off at work. They said yes, but now I might fall back a bit at work. I’ll probably do some work on Saturday and Sunday. But that’s ok because I’ll be leaving to Brazil next Wednesday.

Man, I got a cold since the last time I wrote. It’s sucked. I had a bad cough one day, body aches the other, and a stuffy, also somehow runny, nose. I sure hope this is over really soon.

I hope my eyes are doing ok too. I’ll go to the check up on Monday. Then I’ll feel better about them.

Alright, that’s it. I have a vicious headache. I’ve taken all the medicine. Again, hopefully, it goes away.

oh, oh, also, World Cup starts tomorrow!

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