Trip to Brasil, part 1

This is what happened in Brasil.

Day One

Got there around 10am. Taxi driver tried to talk to us but he was talking too fast and I couldn’t understand him. This would happen often. Checked into hotel. Hungry. The hotel was right on the beach so we walked up the shore to find somewhere to eat. The first thing we ordered was beer. It’s easy to order. When I tried to order food, the waiter responded to my order with way too many words. I didn’t know what the waiter was saying or at what he was pointing. Ordering lunch scared me away from dinner.

The first game of the day was at 1pm. We watched it at lunch. We went back to hotel room, took a nap, and woke up at 5:30pm. Surprisingly, it was dark outside. We ate at the hotel, it was a lot easier, and watched the last game of the day.

Day Two

We woke up late. We must have been tired from the travel. We went down the shore to eat some lunch and watch the first game of the day. After the game, we went to the historic part of town. We wandered around until we arrived at the plaza. There a tourist guide asked if we needed a tour and we said no. So we went up a hill that was supposed to lead to an old church. It did lead to a church. We went inside. There a guy approached us and asked if we wanted our picture taken. We said yes. Then he started telling us some facts about the church. He was another tour guide. He said he knew a lot about the old town and asked if we wanted him to show us around. This time we said yes.

He pointed out other old buildings, too many to remember all of them. He noted the parts of the town that were originally built with sea and beach stones. He told us how to differentiate if rich or poor people used to live in the old buildings. He took us to were the town’s Carnival munecos are stored. There were a lot of artisan shops with touristy stuff. There was a guy who made table clothes from dried coconuts. We went to highest point in town which had great view of neighboring capital city of Recife.

We did run out of money and the tour guide had to follow us to the hotel, if we wanted to get any tip. He did. We ate at hotel again, mostly because we ran out of paper money and the hotel let us pay with credit card.

Day Three

We wandered around the town’s main street searching for an ATM to withdraw some money or a currency exchange place. We couldn’t find any ATMs that worked with our banks or an exchange place. We did go to a pharmacy to get some small things. We went back to the hotel to eat and were told the only place to exchange dollars was at a nearby mall. Turned out nearby was 10 kilometers away. We wandered up the beach some more that day. We couldn’t take a cab to the mall because we had no money. Also, it was getting late and we didn’t want to walk through the sketchy part of town in the dark. So we decided to walk to the mall the following day.

Day Four

We woke up early to begin our quest for the mall. We had some free breakfast at hotel. Around 10:30am, we began the walk. I quickly realized this might be tougher than I thought because there were no street signs. Not even the small ones they use on the corner of Mexico streets. We walked past the plaza from two days prior. We went under a highway overpass. I thought we were on the right street until I realized we were going away from the shore, and I remembered seeing that the mall was on the road next to the shore. We had to go back some, back to the highway overpass. We got on a street that would take us to the mall but then bailed because it was also not clearly running with the shore. So then we took some side street and ended up on another street. We took a left there, when we should have taken a right. About 5 minutes into the left we realized this and went back again, like if we had originally taken a right.

Anyway, we made it to the mall at 12:30pm. It looked just like an American mall, but the parking lot was gated. We found the currency exchange place and got some Reals. I was really hungry, so we went to the food court. There was a place called Bob’s Burgers so I had to eat there. I had a Big Bob, which was basically a Big Mac. It made me sick because it was gross, because it had some strong tiny onions. So I had a giant coke to give me the strength for the walk back. The walk back was a lot calmer and uneventful. When we made it back to the hotel we took a well deserved nap.

We had to rest up. The next day was game day, Mexico v Croatia.


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