Trip to Brasil, part 2

Day Five – 1st Game Day

We had tickets to the Mexico v Croatia game at 5pm. We wanted to get there before 3pm. Also, a friend was coming in we had to go pick her up because she was coming with us. She was supposed to arrive a few days prior, but her flight was delayed and later canceled. She was lucky to get to Recife at all.

It was raining when we woke up. We had a bit of trouble getting a cab, but we eventually got one and gave it the address of the hotel where my friend had arrived from the airport. She went to this hotel because a friend of her’s was working there and would let her shower, change, and get ready there. We arrived at the hotel around 11am. It was the hotel were the Croatian team was staying so it had a bunch of security. They wouldn’t even let us into the lobby. We ended up outside in the rain until she was ready, which I think was around 12:30pm.

Since it was raining, and we didn’t know where we were going exactly, we decided to take a taxi to the stadium. The taxi driver knew where he was going, until he got off the highway and had to find the stadium. oh there was a bunch of vehicle traffic on the way there and! the driver was streaming the Netherlands v Chile game, we listened to the Spain v Australia game. The taxi dropped us off at a transit point where we had to hop on a bus that would take us to the stadium.

I think it was only barely dazzling by the time we arrived at the stadium. There were so many Mexicans! There were a good amount of Croatians. The Mexicans were dressed up in all kinds of costumes; Aztecs, El Chapuline Colorado, Mariachis, and Mexico jerseys of course. They were drinking and singing and having a damn great time. It was amazing!!

The stadium was pretty cool. It was new. It had crappy stadium food, of course. The restrooms were cool. The urinals were just a long wall with dividers. oh, it was the first time I’ve ever seen a line for the guy’s restroom. There was no line for the ladies’ room. The seats were really high up. They had a great view, but they were the 3rd or 4th row from the top. The game was great. We won, so that was awesome.  It was a great time.

Leaving the stadium was weird. We decided to take the train back to the city and then catch a cab to our hotel. We followed the crowd to the bus point, which took us to the train station, Then we talked to some people and took the train as far was we could. The friend we picked up earlier that day knew where the Mexican team was staying and wanted to go see the team. I didn’t really want to go, but I didn’t want to be lame, so I said let’s go. We got a taxi to that hotel and my friend went to go see if there was another way in to the hotel, other than the main lobby. She left, and didn’t come back for like half an hour. So we caught a taxi back to our hotel. When we arrived at the hotel, it was about 11pm and we were so hungry. We ate there and went to shower. The other friend showed up about an hour later. She didn’t get more than a glimpse of the Mexican team.

Day Six

We woke up pretty tired from the adventure of the prior day. We had lunch at some nearby restaurant along the shore, while we watched some of the matches. We talked and ate and drank. After that we walked up the beach and showed the new arrival around. She wanted a place to lay out, but these beaches weren’t exactly the best for that. They were small sandy areas with high tides. The few good places had kiddos playing volleyball and beach futbol. So we decided to try to find a fancier beach for the next day. I don’t remember what we had for dinner. I think we stayed in and watched a lot of Simpsons and South Park.

Day Seven

We woke checking the weather and searching how to get to some of the better beaches. The girls asked around and found out that there was a bus to Porto de Galinhas from the airport. So we took a taxi to the airport and then waited around forever for the bus to the Porto. It was supposed to leave at 11am, but didn’t arrive until 12:30pm. It was about an hour bus ride away, but it was only like 7 bucks. It was cool to see the Brasilian country side.

The Porto was a pretty cool place. It was very touristy place, but I get it. It was a nice beach. Or at least it would have been nice to see if it didn’t rain most of the day. It was really cloudy when we arrived at the Porto. The entire day the weather switched from drizzle to cloudy. During one of those cloudy breaks, we went to the beach and it was definitely better than the ones by the hotel, but the weather was killer. We were out there for about 20 minutes before the rain returned and the winds kicked up. By that time we were hungry again and went to find a place to eat and watch the game.

oh! So the friend that arrived two days prior was the one that spoke Portuguese. She ended up talking people to figure out how to get places. One of the last people she spoke to that day was a guy who was also going to Porto. She kinda liked him, so she sat next to him on the bus and they talked on the way there. When we arrived at Porto, he went off to do his own thing and we did our thing. Turns out we found the guy looking around for place to eat later in the day, just like we were. So we invited him to eat with us, since he was solo. We watched the game and drank. Everything was cool.

Apparently they really hit it off because they started making out when we went to the restroom. I thought that shit only happened in movies.

We took the bus back to the airport. Luckily, we didn’t have to wait that long for the bus. It still took an hour and we were starving by time we got back to the hotel, but it was ok. It was worth it. We had to rest up though because the next day was the second game day. USA v Germany.


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