Trip to Brasil, part 3

Day Eight – 2nd Game Day

We had tickets to the USA v Germany game at 1pm. We wanted to get there around 11am. We thought this time it would be easier to get to the game because we had already traveled to the stadium a few days prior. Well it might have been easier if not for all the rain. The rain began 3 days prior, but it was mostly drizzle and light rain. The rain was pouring on game day though. Most of the streets were flooded.

We were lucky enough to get a taxi that could take us to the nearest metro station. We bought the special stadium metro passes. It was like $7 dollars. There were volunteers in the station pointing us toward the right train. We took that train all the way to the end of the line. There were buses there waiting to take us to the stadium. I think we got to the stadium around noon. There was a drizzle the entire walk to the stadium. We hurried in to the stadium. Our seats were slightly closer to the field by like 3 rows.

The game wasn’t as lively as the Mexico game. That game had a great atmosphere. This game not so much. It was still fun just not as exciting.

Getting back was easy enough. Everything was easy until we got back to the train station in the city. The streets were still mostly flooded. We decided to go to the FIFA Fanfest thing. It was a place with a giant screen and restaurants around the outside. We went to a restaurant and it was packed! Also, they ran out of food. I ordered some soup and it was really bland. It wasn’t too late by the time we left, but we were tired. I think I ate at the hotel, watched some TV, and went to sleep.

Day Nine

We showed our friend, and that guy she met two days before, around the town where we were staying. The coolest thing was the tapioca we ate for lunch. It was delicious! After that, the girls wanted to go to the beach. We went, but it was really dirty from all the rain of the past few days. The couple went off somewhere and I sat on a bench listening to my podcasts. The dude left and I thought he was gone for ever. I didn’t know that we were going to go out later that night. We went out to drink a bit. We played a few drinking games. Then it started raining so we went back to the hotel.

Day Ten & Eleven

My friend left that morning like at 5am. I was asleep. The Round of 16 started that day. The tapioca was so delicious that I wanted to go back and get some more. So I did. We barely made it to the tapioca place before they closed their doors to watch the first game of the day, Brasil vs Chile. The tapioca was again delicious! and it was so cool to watch the game with local Brasilians. We had some pretty shallow conversations with the locals, but we were definitely on the same page. Man, that was probably one of the best experiences of the entire trip.

After Brasil won and we celebrated and took some pictures, we wandered around the beach again and then caught the second game. I forget what happened at the end of that day, but I’m pretty sure I enjoyed it.

We woke up kinda late the last day. Mexico was playing at noon or 1pm. I’m not 100% anymore. We checked out at the last minute and watched the game at the hotel because they had a big TV. That was a crazy surprising game. Mexico was doing real well until Gio came out of the game and they started playing defense. Blah, anyway, we went to the airport after and watched the next game with some Coasta Ricans at the giant TV at the airport. The flight was delayed like 3 hours, but it’s ok because it cut into our lay over time at Miami without missing our connection.

Man, that was it. That was the trip.


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