Two Days of Training

It was in Hollywood.

It was a pretty sweet hotel. It was right by the Magic Castle. The last time I was in Hollywood I was there to get gas. I was driving back from seeing a friend in Burbank. I was running out of gas and I decided to get off the highway to find a gas station. I didn’t know where I was and drove straight into Hollywood. There were a bunch of people walking around and doing stuff. I remember seeing a Valero and it was so weird because it didn’t look like it belonged there. It was a really weird place to get gas.

Well turns out the hotel was right next to that EXACT Valero.

The training wasn’t very useful. A lot of the training really didn’t apply to me. Normally, I would be happy about this free vacation, but it turned out to be a lot of work. It was a good opportunity to hang out with the co-workers. Of course that meant bars and drinks. All of it was free, but man it was hard work getting up the next mornings for the 8am training. Those were 4 hour of sleep days.

As a result, I’m fucking tired.

It also didn’t help that I’m finally working on a client, a month after the acquisition, so I had to work a bit late today. I’m surprised I didn’t take a nap and that I’m up so late.

Also, Guardians of the Galaxy was great. Not as good as the Avengers, but very very good.

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