Get Shipped Out

Yesterday afternoon I was told that I would be going to help out some of my new fellow KPMG employees.

So today I woke up early and drove all the way to Grapevine. The client was up by DFW airport. It was a long drive, but it’s only for two to, or maybe three, weeks. That drive in the morning was actually the worst part.

The KPMG people were pretty cool. It’ll take a day or two to get integrated into the group, but it shouldn’t be too bad. The work wasn’t too complicated today, but I don’t know if I was exactly doing it correctly. I’m sure someone will review and tell me eventually. I just hope it’s not too late in the processes, so that it doesn’t screw anybody over. The hours were longer than I wanted. We were in at 8:30am and out of 7:30pm. Although, they say they were usually only work until 7:00pm. But leaving at 7:30pm meant there was no traffic.

It cut the day way to short though. I’m definitely going to miss that overtime pay.

But yea, that’s the most memorable thing from the last three days.

Manchester United lost their opening game. That sucked. They didn’t play well. I watched some Pokemon and Doctor Who. I also saw Guardians of the Galaxy again. That was super cool. But yea, that was it.


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