Busy Last Week

This week from my birthday to now has been super busy.

I was working 10-12 hours at work.

Then the Labor Day weekend was busy. Saturday I was running around all over the place. I had a meeting with a guy at 11:30 and he was late. So late that I left and we are going to have to reschedule. Then I went to run errands. I came back and pops and I set up the cable in the garage. Then I set up some fantasy football stuff and napped. That night was the Grouplove concert. It was awesome!

Sunday was busy too. I watched some football and did some other stuff. Then I fixed my ipod, by replacing the screen. It worked. Then apparently, we had a party at my house for my birthday. It was ok. Just kidding. It was good.  The food was good and there was beer! The dynasty football draft was at 10pm. Some stuff came up and I had to fix them quickly. The problem was that the draft was taking a long time and I passed out while it was still going on. So when something came up, I wasn’t able to fix it and the draft auto-paused. I felt so bad because I let the other guys down.

So Monday, the first thing I did was reset the draft for 10pm and apologize. Then I bummed around for a while, and prepared for the draft that evening. Oh! I had to clear out some of the crap in my room too. So I did that. The draft that evening went well. Then the other restarted draft went well too. I had to update the league rules and send the next steps to the other guys in the league.

Today, in the morning I turned off my alarm, which was set for 6:30, and slept until 8:30. I got to work really late, but that was ok because I did finally finish the control I was doing and I stayed late anyway. Then I came home, jogged, finished the LAST draft, ate, and watched Metastasis. Now I’m extra tired.

I think I’ll take a couple of days off work this week. I’m supposed to be done with this client tomorrow. I’m excited!

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