Meeting New People

I don’t like meeting new people.

It’s not that I’m anti-social or super introverted. It’s that new people are usually a waste of brain space.

Think about it like this. Your friend introduces you to one of their co-workers. You’ve been friends with this person for a long time and you’ve never meet any of their co-workers. You know for sure that you will not be talking to this new person for months, maybe even years. You hang out with this friend of a friend and you learn that this person went to school at [insert school name], is [insert a number] years old, they like [insert a hobby], and they want to go to [insert a place] in the near future.

That kind of stuff sticks in my head, but what good is it if I don’t see this person again? It’s not useful information. It just becomes a waste of space.

It’s not like I won’t enjoy myself for a while. But it’s so much work to forget this useful information. I’ll have to watch tons of TV, or pick up tons of sports statistics, or read tons of books, to forget those 4 or 5 little facts about that person.

My brain wants to make connections, so it picks up as much seemingly useful information as it can, and tries to keep it as long as possible. I can’t override this, so it’s best to avoid these situations.

I’d much rather spend my time with people I actually like and learn useful/cool things about them.

oh! here’s a good example. When I was in Brasil, my friend met one of her friends and that guy was a talker. You could tell right away that he liked to talk, so he did. He said all this stuff like how he had been there for almost six weeks, that was an impossible about of time to take off at work, he had to ask for four weeks and then tell HR he accidentally booked a flight a week earlier and then he would just arrive one week later, he went to all theses cities, he used AirBnB, he went with five other friends, one of his friends was a Teach For America teacher, he liked oysters, and it goes on and on.

All that stuff is completely useless to me. How long will it take for me to forget that? That’s why I don’t like meeting new people.


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