Kinda the Same Hours

I thought I would work less this week, but so far it’s been about the same.

I get in about 8am, with the hope of leaving around 4pm or 5pm, but actually leave around 6:30pm to 7pm. Yea, things are just as busy. I keep thinking it’ll slow down by itself, but it looks like I’ll have to slow it down myself. I wonder how I’ll do that.

Man, my right foot hurts. It’s always been the weird one. The archy part is what hurts. I went to jog today. It doesn’t feel any worse than before I ran. Maybe I should massage it or something.

Hey, today Obama gave an address to the nation about ISIS. Right before he expanded on the actions he would take against ISIS, during that pause, I became really scared. I was afraid he would say that we were going to invade, which would mean that troops would have to be sent in to Iraq again. Fortunately? that’s not what he said.

I’m wondering if troops would be the right decision. Short-term, I have no doubt that our troops could achieve our military objectives, but I don’t think that troops would be the long-term right decision. I think they would ultimately cause more harm than good, by feeding the perception of the US as an invader of the region. As crazy as it sounds, I think Bush was right when he said we needed to win the hearts and minds of the Iraqi people. If we just send in troops, we will perpetuate the vicious cycle of violence.

Yo, that got serious quickly.



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