Best Prep Yourself

I started the day with a long list of things to do.

The day is almost over and I still have 5 things left on the list that started at around 14 things. I finished the most important items on the list, which included laundry (2 loads) and the oil change. I’m thinking one of those things on the list was dumb, the cargo net thing for the Camaro. That’s because I wanted to buy it online, but I want it as soon as possible, and if I’m leaving to California on Friday, then I won’t get it for two weeks. Wouldn’t it just make more sense to buy it somewhere before then?

Today was busy. A lot busier than I thought. I watched a bunch of stuff on TV: Meet the Press, Manchester United, football games. I did things on my list. Talked to a good friend. Made plans. Even enjoyed myself.

I took a quick 30-45 minute nap. I’m thinking that gave me enough energy to finish some of this other stuff on my list. It shouldn’t take too long as long as I don’t get distracted.

I hope work isn’t too bad tomorrow.

oh! I had a longer than average jog on Friday. It was about 8 kilometers. That left my legs tired all weekend. So when I would have normally jogged on Sunday, I didn’t. I will be jogging again tomorrow. I’ll go to the park if it doesn’t rain. If it does, I’ll jog around here.


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