Back Again

You ever think you’re repeating post titles. I do.

I arrived from NYC yesterday. I left on Wednesday afternoon and stayed until Saturday afternoon. It was a pretty good time. Wednesday was cool. Lots of walking and eating. Thursday was the Colbert Report. I got to sit on the front row. Thursday was also the Aziz Ansari show. I liked his stuff, but that was probably because a lot of his relationship material reminded me a lot of Chris Rock’s relationship material. Friday was NY Comic Con day. I got to see some cool panels. They were the Future of Female Fandom, the artist who drew the Death Note anime, and the Broad City panel. The Broad City ladies were amazing, and Comedy Central gave us free shirts. Saturday was pretty chill. Woke up late, walked around, got some food, and flew home.

Overall, it was pretty cool. Like I said, it was a lot of walking. Saturday was sprinkling, so I got a little wet.

The trip reminded me how much I like the city. It felt full of opportunities. I liked that. I like LA, but somehow the city feels limiting and at times shallow. NYC feels open and deep. Either way, I should definitely look into transferring in the upcoming year or two.

Being back in Dallas, I should get into a rhythm. I’ll get on a work and workout schedule. Eat a little better. Get back to who I want to be. The next couple of weeks should be fun.


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