Work Again

There are two work things I want to discuss.

One of the boss men is leaving next Friday. He’s taking a corporate job as a controller. So yea, he’s leaving. From a work perspective, it sucks. This means we are going to need more people to review our senior associate work. From a more personal perspective, it sucks. I know this guy was my boss, but we were buddies. He was easy enough to talk to and he was really knowledgeable. He gave me a lot of good advice. It’s too bad, for me, that he’s leaving.

The second thing was more troubling.

So the two new associates started a few weeks ago, but they started in our group this week. Last year, we had two new associates too. As the year progressed, it turned out one would talk too much and another wouldn’t talk enough. I never really minded either of them. They each had their faults, but meh. They worked hard enough.

Today was the first day when one of them got on my nerves. It was the first time anyone from work has gotten on my nerves. I suppose they didn’t do anything different than in the past. They were just being themselves. But, today I saw their flaws and it irritated me. I spent the entire afternoon trying to figure out why they finally got to me. After a lot of thought, I think it’s because now there are other associates. The new associates are going to look to them for guidance and see them as examples.

I don’t want the new associates to get their bad habits. I want them to do better.

That’s what got to me.

I need to get over it though because I will see these people for the foreseeable future.


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