Back to Robots

Tomorrow I will be going back to the robots.

Today was a pretty slow day. I woke up around 8am and had some coffee. Then I watched some TV and did some fantasy football commissioning. That commissioning always takes longer than I expect. It took an hour and a half today. Then I went to wash my car, inside and out. That took a solid hour. Then my parents left to drop off my sister at school, so I stayed with my youngest sister. We read the weekend newspapers, which also took like 3 hours, and had some McDonalds for lunch.

My friend came over later and we watched some of the Cowboys game. Then I feel asleep for about half an hour and another friend came over. We eventually ordered some pizza and watched the Broncos game. Peyton Manning broke the record for all time touch downs by a quarter back. That was awesome. He’s so earnest. He deserves it. Then I packed and now I’m waiting to watch The Walking Dead.

Once I watch it, I’ll be ready to go to the robots.

I’m feeling nervous about it. I think I might actually be afraid that I’ll fail at this, maybe not with the robots, but with some other client this season. It’s kinda exciting.


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