Jogging in the Rain

It was raining today.

I wanted to go for a jog. Usually I try to go three times a week. Today was definitely one of those moments where I find out what kind of mood I’m in. If I’m feeling down, then I probably won’t go for that jog. But today I did, even with the rain. Look, it wasn’t raining that much. I was only mildly wet at the end of the jog.

I guess I’m still feeling ok. Work is piling up, but progress is being made, so that’s keeping the spirits up. That, and the fact that at least I’m doing actual audit work. Most of the higher ups are dealing with administrative tasks, which suck because they have nothing to do with auditing and that’s frustrating.

oh, one of my co-workers finally passed his CPA exams and can now be promoted to manager! Getting the CPA license was the last thing he needed for the promotion. Now he just needs all that paper work stuff to get his license and promotion. I’m so proud of him. That is real perseverance.

Wait, I just remember that I had a beer this afternoon. I don’t usually drink during the week. Man, maybe I’m not feeling so great about work/life. Or, maybe I just had a craving. Meh, who knows.

Man I’m hungry.


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