Q3 is Done

That’s why I haven’t written in a while.

We did manage to get the quarterly review approval submitted on time. That was on Friday, so it was a good Friday. Then Saturday I didn’t do much. I was hanging out around the house the entire day. Yea, I don’t remember anything crazy happening.

Sunday was messy. I woke up a bit before 10am, ate, and was hanging out. Around 1pm, I started reading the newspaper and my dad ended up calling me around 1:30pm. He was stranded at the gas station because the Altima wouldn’t start. We thought it was the car key battery and so I hurried to Radio shack to replace the battery on the remote. Turns out that wasn’t it. So we tried jumping the car. That didn’t work either. So I went home, brought the truck, and we towed the car to the house. Pops ended up taking the truck drop off my sister at school.

The entire ordeal was over around 4:30pm.

It was a strange to spend a Sunday.

I feel like I’m missing something important. I remember being at work and thinking that I should write about something. It felt important too, but I can’t remember.

Maybe it was about fantasy football? It’s not going so well. Not as well as I hoped. Camaro related? probably not. It’s been cold. I’ve kinda enjoyed it. Except when I’ve had to go out. My mother and sister came back from Mexico today. I’m glad they made it back. Man, I really don’t remember.


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