Not Even Surprised

I’m not surprised that the officer was acquitted.

You knew it was going to go that way when the Governor declared a state of emergency days before the decision.Look, I don’t know all the details of the case. If I did, I’d probably be even more troubled. But I think it’s safe to say there must have been some fault on both sides for the situation to escalate quickly.  The problem is that even though there probably is some responsibility on both sides, when one side ends up dead, nothing happens to the other side, if the dead one is a minority. Black in this case. That’s just a fact.But at this point I’m not surprised. Zimmerman shot Martin. Martin’s dead. Nothing happened to Zimmerman. There was that one black guy in NYC selling single cigarettes. He was choked out and killed by a police officer. Nothing happened to the police officer. A  12 year old black kid was shot by police a few days ago when they saw him playing with a gun. It was a toy gun. Nothing happened to the police officer. It’s become routine.If it happened in my community I would protest too. If the protests were downtown, away from my neighborhood, I would riot too. There has to be some better way to make change.

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