Coming up with titles is becoming the hardest part.

I should have just made them the date, but then I didn’t think they’d be easy to remember. Although, I didn’t think I would get up to the 700s.

I’ve entered the weird 3 week period between Thanksgiving and Christmas. These three weeks are probably the most important. They will be mostly for preparation and getting ready for busy season. Hours spent working this week will reduce the work load during busy season. That’s what makes them so important.

I know there will come a point where I mentally check out. Hopefully that time will be closer to Christmas. Resting is also a big part of staying focused and efficient during busy season. So I’ll need to take a break and that’s one of the reasons I bought my tickets to Mexico. I will be out there for a few days Christmas week. I’ll have to remind myself to relax.

Man, I’m surprisingly tired. I didn’t jog this weekend. I jogged on Thursday and thought I would jog again on Saturday, but I was still tired then. So I settled on running around in the backyard with the football. I was out there for a while and I didn’t think it would make me tired. But I woke up today and was pretty sore. I want to go out tomorrow, but it looks like it’s going to be cold.

I finally went to the movies this weekend. I saw the third Hunger Games movie and Horrible Bosses 2. The Hunger Games movie was good. Good performances. Shot nicely. Although I thought the movie should have ended when Katniss blacked out at the end. Instead they added a few minutes where Katniss wakes up and someone explains why she was attacked.

There wasn’t anything for dinner. So I had Doritos for dinner. I had ice cream for dinner a few days ago. I need to start eating better. I’m hungry. I better go to sleep so I don’t get hungrier.

Man, I had a lot of typos again.


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