Brand New 2015

Writing on the first day of 2015 will set a good precedent.

My current obsession has been cleaning out the clutter in my room and, in return, in my life. I started by changing the way I keep my clothes in the dresser. I decided to try to roll up my clothes. While I rolled things up, I threw away the clothes I didn’t think I needed. To make things easier, I decided to throw away anything I hadn’t worn in the last year. The result was a lot more space, which made my drawers appear more organized. Speaking of clothes, I applied the same throw away rules with the clothes in my closet. Something notable was that I threw away some of my memorabilia shirts.

Also related to my purging progress, was my Netflix queue. There were a bunch of movies in my queue that I added over a year ago. I needed to watch them and remove that clutter. About a week ago, I started watching a movie a day. I ramped that up to 2 a day in the last couple of days. As of this post, I only have one movie left on my queue. The only items left on my queue will be tv shows/series. Those are going to easier to watch during busy season, when I’ll have shorter amounts of time to kick back and relax.

I have a bunch of books, and I want to buy more, so I’m thinking about donating some of the books I currently have.  There were also some books, which I acquired from the KPMG acquisition of my old company, Rothstein Kass, that I started reading. I needed to at least skim them to know if they were worth reading. I read one, and it was ok, but I don’t think I’ll ever read it again, so it’s probably going to go. On the plus side, I finished a book that I started in 2007. I had only read half of it, but I knocked it out last week. That’s when I realized it was such a bad book. I’ll talk about it some other time.

Let’s see what else. I once heard that actions become habits after 3 weeks of practicing them. I’m looking to make a habit of jogging in the morning. I’m also looking to make a habit of weight lifting for some strength training. I would like to get stronger from now on, starting this year. I’m going to set some quantifiable goals. I’m going to set up some progress check points, with some rewards, and it’s going to be great. I’m going to make a chart. It’s going to be double great!

Some loose ends. I saw Jackie Brown today. It was an awesome movie. Great female protagonist. Very enjoyable. It was two hours, but it didn’t seem that long. I saw Edge of Tomorrow yesterday. It was really cool. I loved everything about it, except the last 5 minutes. The ending was whack. I would have preferred if two protagonists died. Finally, I also saw Old Boy yesterday. It was awesome. It was disturbing, but it was very dramatic and suspenseful. It was paced very well. It had great shots. It’s definitely a movie I want to watch again.

There are three more days of no-work left. I’m going to enjoy them. 🙂

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