Windy Sunday

The day started off cold and windy. It was hard to go for a jog, but I did. It’s definitely difficult to exercise in the morning, especially when it’s cold, or windy, or both. I think I’m starting to like it though. I say that because putting on my jogging clothes feels like putting on armor. It makes me feel like I’m ready for battle with the elements and myself. I was successful today. I’ll need to keep it up.

I did the laundry and finished up my cleaning. It took the rest of the day, but I’m finished.

I don’t feel ready for busy season. I can’t remember if the last two years I felt ready. I suppose it’s one of those things that you don’t really remember because that initial feeling is surpassed by everything that comes after it.

I went to mass today. I figured it’s a new year and I should give it a try at least once a year to see if it resonates with me now. It didn’t. I couldn’t shake the thought that these people don’t share my values. They care more about their rules than bringing peace and love into the world. It was bad. I get more out of my meditations, so I’ll be sticking to those.

Last piece of news. The Cowboys won their first playoff game. I went to mass during the second half, so I didn’t get to watch the comeback. Usually the Cowboys are the ones who blow the fourth quarter lead and choke. This time they didn’t. They might be maturing after all. Either way, next week’s game in Green Bay should be a good one.


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