Second Week of February

I didn’t write all of last week.

Luckily? It was because nothing happened all week. The entire week was spent like this. Wake up at 7:30am. Shower (sometimes) and get dressed. Leave to client at 8:15, then Starbucks. Get to client before 9am. Lunch at noon or 1pm for half an hour, or an hour.Work until 6:30pm or 7:30pm. Then work out and dinner. Back to the hotel around 9pm. Work until 11pm. Repeat.

That was my Monday through Friday. It was nice enough. I don’t mind all the work, especially because it was kinda fun. The hotel is nice enough. The bed is softer and the water pressure in the shower is better.

The only shitty part was that my co-worker was sick. He got me sick Monday or Tuesday. I had a headache and weird nose/throat thing all week. Then Saturday my nose was runny and I started sneezing a lot. Sunday, today, I had a headache again and stuffed, and somehow, runny nose. I started taking medicine yesterday, but I’ve felt worse, instead of better. Hopefully, I’ll feel better by tomorrow.

But yea, really, nothing happened. It was a pretty calm and happy week. I liked it.


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